ASAFO Black is an Artist collective established in Ghana by six cutting-edge artists whose practice have been actively involved in the critical discourses surrounding contemporary art across the globe. Through their Guerilla- tactic interventions that materializes into exhibitions, art talks and ‘linkups’. ASAFO Black seeks to sensitize the community on the significance of Art and its potential to stimulate conversations and ideas that tickle our sensitivities to socio-political discourses.

‘What if what I ask of you is beyond your capabilities?’
‘What if it is just for fun’.
‘Truth or Dare’  is a popular party game requiring two or more players. Players are given
the choice between answering a question ‘truthfully’ or performing a ‘dare’.

Living in the era where we are engulfed in multiple truths, fake news and alt truths. This fuels the urgent need to creatively invent radically new palettes of shifting perceptions and engagement through a continuous dialogue with our past, now and possible futures.
ASAFO Black revisits the National Theatre as a site of historical commentary also joining in with the spirit of "the year of return", as a build up from a left of conversation from VIBES, 2018. 

‘Truth or Dare’ features six artists Nuna Doe, Samuel Kortey-Baah, Denyse Gawu-Mensah, Scrapa, Jeffery Otoo and Larry Bonćhaka whose individual practices examine contemporary cultures and society through the lens of figuration. The exhibition focuses on the artist’s multifaceted works which embraces the hybridity of contemporary art discourse, exploring connections and disconnections, between popular culture and
subculture, chance and exploration, figuration and abstraction, and the physical and digital. – ASAFO Black