On the CUSP – Curatorial Statement

…tomorrow is another day

…An exhibition of New / Emergent Practices

The Stellenbosch Triennale is a young mega – exhibition.This is as exciting as it gets.The times within which this Triennale occurs have been seen as by other mega shows as “interesting”.But what makes our current experience of time so exciting? What are the techniques and material that exist for art making? What technologies and applications exist that will allow for creative interactions beyond the overly human – centred experiences that earlier art forms and their attendant knowledge systems offered us? We are hugely challenged in the current scheme of things.There’s such a whole lot to choose from, by way of art practices that discernment has become imperative.There is the need to look into the future as we try to grapple with challenges of the present, fully aware of what the past has bequeathed us.This is what necessitates an exhibition that focuses solely on ‘New and Emergent practices’ within and significantly beyond the conventional gamut of what we may term Art.The exhibition : “On the CUSP”, emerges out of the emancipatory turn that has been recently occasioned in the domain of contemporary art and opens up the conversation of art production and discussion beyond the limits of the ‘academy’, whilst also engaging head – on with the academy.This stance is based on the argument that the academy still possesses the potential for any true revolution in art.Practices that hitherto, fell out of art categories become poignant points of departure for the investigation of form, volume, space and relevance, to name a few.Art schools, Academies, Colleges and informal(community – based)training centres across the African continent become the scouting grounds for this particular exhibition.These spaces of theoretical as well as practical nurturing show us the directions to follow in searching for promising, sustainable practices.The exhibition is intended to be juried, with the outstanding practices awarded prizes.A major Prize is envisioned and several minor prizes all meant to encourage the development of sustained artistic careers are intended.Selection into this exhibition is made based on an indifference to material, media, thematic and stylistic concerns.It is passion, commitment and aesthetic integrity that underlie the decision to offer a platform to these deserving emerging practitioners.All participants in this exhibition will eventually be assigned a set of mentors who would continually look out for them as they work on their careers.Tomorrow is another day and it is filled with potential ..

.Bernard Akoi-Jackson