Artist Statement

My practice stems from an interest in community- oriented practices by adapting ethnographic models that involve collecting and buying mass produced cultural objects (vintage dolls, antique books, cigarette sticks, fancy shoes, fridge storage bags, found objects) from the various sites I visit such as the internet, brothels, nightclubs, toy shops, food markets, slums, flea markets, manufacturing industries in Kumasi and Accra. I learn from social interactions and systems that characterize my sites of interest and importing them into my display strategies. I create playful and evocative genre still-life compositions by exploring the curiosities of objects and materials through physically manipulations and manual processes like bedazzling, polishing, inflating, image transfer techniques, scotching, stitching, burying, smashing and bending. These processes become a means of depicting ordinary objects in unusual contexts challenging spectators’ preconditioned perceptions of reality.


Larry Kojo Adorkor aka (Larry Bonƈhaka) is a twenty- four year Ghanaian artist
whose practice revolves around a critical interest in ethnography, trading systems,
material culture, mass production and popular culture. As well as cabinet of
curiosities, nature and Hollywood films which also inspire him. Larry creates
bizarre and thought provoking large scale installations by appropriating showcase
systems of history museums, crime scenes and even military parade formation. The
artist (Larry Bonƈhaka) is a product of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
Technology(KNUST), Kumasi where he obtained his first degree in Fine Art
(sculpture) from the department of Painting and Sculpture,2017. Larry is currently
undergoing his MFA at (KNUST). He has also understudied artists and curator
from his country and has served as a teaching assistant in the Painting and
Sculpture department. The blaxTARLINES, Kumasi and Asafo Black are
contemporary art project spaces and art collectives which he belongs to. In recent
years, i.e. 2017 and 2018, Larry has participated in paradigm-shifting and Ghanaian
Contemporary large-scale exhibitions organized by blaxTARLINES and the
Asafo Black collective. Asafo Black is an art collective of six sensational artists
based in Ghana and the United Kingdom who organize pop-up artist-led exhibitions

in unconventional sites from hostel rooms, night clubs, fuel dumps and recently at
the National Theatre in his country’s capital, which have been honored by the likes
of Zoe Whitely(curator of the Tate,UK), Azu(director of Ziet Mocca)
Marwan(founder gallery 1957) . These exhibitions of which he participated and
organized are respectively Orderly Disorderly, Why So Serious, The Show, Holy
Grail and VIBES. Larry Bonƈhaka has had the privilege of exhibiting alongside
prominent artists like Ibrahim Mahama, Ablade Glover and many others.