Artist Statement

There’s no rule that says the sky must be blue. Heck! I’ll make my sky red! Imagination is a powerful tool. It helps us to see beyond the
ordinary. It makes us not only think outside the box but in-between and perhaps even, under the box.
“ScorpioEyes” is an art persona that uses her mind’s eye to question nature’s natural order. Her art is a whole new world on its own created
from fragments and pieces of this already existing one. In this world she is a creator, adjusting the environments in which we live to her own
point of view. She travels, taking pictures of the various locations and scenes she finds herself in and then digitally changes the view according
to her wild imagination.
Her creative method involves imagination, photography, digital editing and collaging. Her most recent work concentrates on nature and the
environments which we live in and that which we could have been living in.



Denyse Gawu-Mensah, artistically known as “ScorpioEyes” is a 23 year old female Ghanaian artist who currently lives in Takoradi, Ghana where
she teaches creative art to primary pupils. Denyse was born and raised in Ghana by her parents, Albert and Edith Gawu-Mensah. She is the first
child of her parents and is a sister to Leslie and Kevin Gawu-Mensah. Her interest in self expression not only applies in her art but also in her
life style in general. She loves music, likes to explore and is always down for an adventure and experiencing new things and cultures. Denyse
also has a strong appreciation for nature and animals and loves the beach. She spends her free time traveling, painting, swimming,
bottle/container collecting and recycling, shell collecting and gardening.

• BA. Communication Design, Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology (2018)
• WASSCE Certificate, Visual Arts, Aburi Girls Senior High School (2013)


DENYSE GAWU-MENSAH in Ake Arts and Books Festival, Nigeria 2020. ‘African Time’